Musicspace Support Center

What is Musicspace Protect?

Musicspace Protect is our built-in Copyright Protection tool. 

Please note: Protect is a "Copyright Protection" tool, and not a Copyright Registration tool. We advise all artists, if they're able to, to register copyrighted work with their local Copyright office. 

How Musicspace Protect Works

Musicspace Protect works as an affordable way to quickly protect important assets you own the rights to. It works as follows:

1. You enter details about your Copyrighted work. 

2. You upload your file(s).

3. You process a one-off payment of $2.50 to protect your work.

4. Musicspace then captures your location (IP), the time, the date and makes a server log of the event (you protecting your work with our platform). These pieces of data then act as four angles of proof showing you protected your files on our platform. 

In addition, should you ever get into any legal battles, Musicspace will sign a sworn document proving that you uploaded said files onto our platform (this request comes with a $90 fee).